Q. Do you provide services during the weekend and on special holidays?

A. Yes. We can schedule to have a care angel come to your home on weekends and holidays, for as long as you need us. We provide services 24/7 (24 hours a day, 7 days a week).

Q. Do I have to sign a contract for the services we require?

A. No. We do not require a binding legal contract. However, we ask that you sign and acknowledge a general agreement of understanding that outlines the services to be provided including the hours and fees required.

Q. Can we change or cancel the terms of the agreement we originally signed-up for?

A. Yes. We do recognize that needs change. We just ask that you provide us with at least 24 to 48 hours prior notice by phone or email so we can adjust accordingly.

Q. Is there an extra charge if I need to get driven to an appointment?

A. No, as long as it is within the scheduled time that a care angel is supposed to be working with you. However, we charge for actual mileage ($/kilometres used) and is added to your service bill at the end of each month.

Q. Do I have to advise you before hand if I need to be driven around to attend to personal errands?

A. Yes. This is to insure that the care angel assigned to you on the day you have personal errands to do has a vehicle that can comfortably accommodate you.

Q. How do I know who is coming to help me?

A. We provide you a monthly or weekly schedule with names of the care angels coming to your home. We recognize that consistency, familiarity and continuity are important especially for the elderly so we try our best to assign a regular team to attend to your needs. However, if by reason that is out of our control we need to send a new care angel to your home you have never met before, we will insure you get prior notice so there are no surprises. And, we will introduce this person to you in advance.

Q. If I get hospitalized or have to move to a nursing home, can I still avail of your services?

A. Yes. We are ready to help you remain independent wherever and whenever you need us.

Q. What benefits do I get from RJ. Angels private home care?

A. The private family care we provide is all-inclusive and designed to address your personal needs and preferences at home. We insure you have a consistent team of care angels who come to your home every time, who are familiar with your needs and preferences by heart. Our care angels are committed to treating you like family … that is our promise!