Why us?

Because we care.

Yes, it is that simple. We’ll take care of your family.

We are committed to providing top quality home care services

to make your life easier.

Our Story


When my parents (Regina and Jose) were still alive, I had the opportunity of working with a group of wonderful ladies who cared for my folks in their sunset years.

I was responsible for managing their care program so my parents could continue to live together in their home comfortably and happily to the end of their lives. After having experienced a revolving door of community caregivers come to our house, which meant a stranger at your door each time … that caused a lot of anxiety to my parents who were then going through the stages of dementia, struggling to hang on to familiar faces and surroundings – I was fortunate enough to finally have had the opportunity of putting together my own team of caregivers to consistently look after their needs at home.


As years went by, this team essentially became part of my family, sharing the joys and challenges of caring for the elderly. It was then that I began to refer to them as my ‘angels’ for truly they were my angels who cared for and guarded the personal wellbeing of my parents while I continued to work… they were truly the angels of Regina and Jose! Years after my parents passing, my ‘angels’ continued to be part of my life and little did we know, we would eventually come together to form what is now RJ. Angels Care Ltd.


Committed to the family values of love, care and service that we all are passionate about, our pledge is to provide family care home support in Greater Victoria, lending a helping hand with a smile and creating an environment of joy and laughter around your family.


From my family to yours, I hope you come to experience the RJ. Angels Care I am so grateful to have been touched by.




Jona de Jesus

Founding Director



Making your life easier, that’s what we can do for you.


We are around to assist you in your day-to-day activities so you can continue to enjoy living in your own home with ease and comfort. And when you need to do your personal errands or to drive to your appointments, we can help you with that, too.

We respect your independence and we recognize that you would like to continue to do as much as you are able to, that is why we make sure we do not take those things away from you. We are simply close by and always ready to help, wherever and whenever you want us to help you.

Our personalized services are tailored to your needs and are available seven days a week and can range from a few hours a day to 24-hours around the clock full care.

If not listed above, tell us and we’ll find a way.

Wherever home is, whether in your own private residence or in a retirement facility, we can help.

And when we come to your home, we always take that extra mile to make you smile. We serve because we care … to us, you are not just a client, you are family!



From Peta of Victoria BC

I have spoken with my Mum and she seems so happy with your wonderful “Angels”. I was concerned that she wouldn’t be able to just let the ladies look after them so that she could heal and my father could regain some sense of normalcy to steady his dementia. However, I think that in time she will realize how important it is that she has the help as my father’s mental decline becomes more of an issue. I have to say, hearing how happy my mother is with the ladies in the house, is a surprise…as she is a very private woman who is used to being in control 100% of the time. My brother and I have said several times since we met you all…. how good we feel about having your “Angels” look after them ….. I have already spoken to a girlfriend about your service as she is struggling to find at home care for her father.
I think you have a unique and wonderful concept for your business. I was impressed with your presentation and genuine desire to not just look after our parents but get to know them as people as well.
Thank you for allowing them to alter the time commitment …. I think that will be very useful in convincing my mother to embrace everything the “Angels” have to offer….it will take a while to get a good routine going and I know, eventually, she will see how essential it is to have their help in their life.


From Marilyn of Victoria BC

My husband and I are both senior citizens. Shela treats us with dignity and respect. She also has a fun happy side! It is so much fun having this positive and loving person in our home who approaches every project and job with enthusiasm.


From Elaine of Victoria BC

So very many thanks to everybody; you are all a joy to have around.


From Jean of Victoria BC

To all the wonderful ladies who have been so helpful and cheerful in the last few months, Mike and I have really appreciated your time with us.


From Margaret of Victoria BC

Ellen did a great job yesterday and I really enjoyed her personality.


From Lex of Calgary AB

We all cherish your help and support, and especially appreciate your flexibility with our changing needs.